Bleach Manga Not Yet Over, Two New Novels, Movie Adaptation Coming Soon; Volume 74 End Of Tite Kubo’s Creation

GamenGuide – Nov 15, 2016 – Bleach Manga series is not over yet. Latest reports claim that the franchise will be coming out with two new novels. Familiar writers will be writing the new novels slated this year and in 2017.

The Japanese manga series by Tite Kubo is said to be his longest running manga series. Previous reports claimed that the series is coming to an end with the last volume allegedly released in Japan on Nov. 4. However, recent news reveal that the series has not yet ended, Anime News Network reported.

In fact, Bleach manga will reportedly be getting two new series. The article noted that the wraparound jacket band on the 74th and final compiled book volume was already released. In addition, two novels will be revealed to the final volume.

The first novel to be released in the Bleach Manga final book volume will reportedly be written by Makoto Matsubara. It should also be noted that the author wrote the previous novelizations of the series. The first novel is said to center on Rukia and Renji’s stories.

The second novel is said to be written by Ryohgo Narita. The Bleach Manga novel is said to focus on Shūhei Hisagi’s secret battle. The first novel will be released in December 2016 while the second novel will arrive in 2017.

Meanwhile, Bleach Manga Volume 74 is allegedly the final volume of Tite Kubo’s creation. The series  has been well-received for 15 years. Nevertheless, a live-action movie adaption is rumored to be launched in two years, Chattsportsnet reported.

The Bleach Manga 74th volume was reportedly released in Japan on Nov. 4, 2016. Manga readers in North America are also expected to receive Volume 69 on Mar. 7, 2017. It is yet to be announced when volumes 70 to 74 will be arriving in the US. Watch BLEACH Live Action Movie Adaptation of Bleach Announced

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